Hey all!!!

What a year right??? We are still here and plotting in the background and prepping for the future of Mocha-Metal. If you haven’t already seen, our products are now for sale in LOWEST CAVE in the Lowestoft High Street, a great shop and run by very awesome and dedicated staff.

We just want to say to all our fans and customers, THANK YOU! for your continued love and support!


Welcome our new Affiliates:
Steel Mage

We are proud to announce the fresh faced youngsters Steel Mage have joined our coffee & tea loving family!
The 4 piece, raging metal heads from manchester spent the beginning of 2020 rehearsing for their studio sessions in February working on their first record ‘The Uprising of Hatred‘. The 4 track EP features many of the bands influences and it can go without saying they can be heard in the tracks!
As with all our affiliates please share the love and go check them out and give them some support.
Welcome! Steel Mage to the family and fuelled with all the caffeine power, continue to rock \m/
Steel Mage’s first single ‘Beatdown‘ has now been added to Kaffeine Karl’s Mocha-Metal Playlist on Spotify, go give it a listen!


We are happy to announce that our award winning Coffee & Tea blends can be purchased from The Box in Southwold!
Every Saturday The Box opens to locals and tourists of Southwold, offering a selection of fantastic bread and baked goods.
John Spillings, owner of The Penny Bun Bake House in Lowestoft runs The Box from 8am to 2pm.
So head over and grab yourself a delightful pastry or a nice loaf of fresh bread and grab some of our coffee or tea to accompany it,

Kaffeine Karl’s Darkness Blend

ALERT!!! ALERT!!! New Coffee inbound!

We managed a quick interview with Kaffeine Karl on his latest offering…
Interviewer: ‘Karl! What’s this that you have a new blend in the Mocha-Metal Stores????’
Karl: ‘Yes, this is true…’
Interviewer: ‘Do you have anything to add?’
Karl: ‘Buy IT!’
Interviewer: ‘Ummm….ok you heard it first, thanks Karl’

Ok…ummm….Karl…For Zeus’s sake what’s wrong with you***

Anyways, apologises… BUT Yes we have our new Strong blend called Kaffeine Karl’s Darkness Blend which is a combo of Robusta & Peruvian Beans…it’s both Stong and Nommy! Get your’s NOW!

**Award, you say?**

Yes! You have heard correctly!
Mr Beans Coffee UK, our dear friends have received the
‘COFFEE ROASTER OF THE YEAR’ – East Of England 2020 award from the UK Enterprise awards.
This is great news meaning that our blends are part of an award winning selection. We would like to say a massive congrats to Mr Beans Coffee UK for their hard work and dedication to making great coffee and for making us our very own Mocha-Metal Blends to be enjoyed by our awesome customers.
Here’s to a great partnership and future, Mocha-Love!

Come Join The LOUD!


We are happy to announce that we will be at the HRH Springbreak next year 10th-14th March 2021!
Hopefully the situation in the world will be better and the dreaded Corona does one! As we will have plenty of fresh coffee and tea, so come along and say ‘Hi!’ to the Mocha-Metal crew, Kaffeine Karl & Brewbag Brewce \m/

Mocha-Metal Iron Age Guitar Plectrums!

We are happy to announce that we now have these beauts in stock on our store!
These carefully handcrafted red acrylic plectrums made by the awesome peeps at Iron Age Guitar Accessories, Texas (US). Bring precision and attitude to ones guitar playing!
Measuring at 2.5mm thickness, they attack with depth and speed.
Whether for your collections or to use daily, may they help create new riffs and solos, whilst sipping our Coffee Fuelled Riffage blend for inspiration \m/

Come join the LOUD!

Let’s Welcome our new affiliate
Demonic Gaming YT

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is still staying safe and still continously washing your hands πŸ˜‰ haha!

We would like to welcome our new affiliate to our YouTuber/Twitch-er section…Demonic_Gaming YT!
JJ (yes, that’s his name!) has been an adamant gamer for sometime and has now built his YouTube channel to nearly 500 followers! JJ has now brought Demonic_Gaming YT to Twitch where you can catch him gaming through his live streams. He now joins alongside our other affiliate gamer Michiato who regulary uploads material to YouTube and streams live on Twitch.
JJ’s goal as part of Demonic_Gaming YT is to create a family of gamers, where they can accept challenges and together build a friendly gaming community.
Which is great as at Mocha-Metal Merch we want to build a family of caffeine addicts that share their talents with each other and together we can better ourselves and grow into a massive community of awesome-ness! (yes! that is a word! Karl & Brewce told me so…)

Mocha Love to Demonic_Gaming YT & welcome to the Mocha-Metal Merch family!

Here’s a link to Demonic_Gaming YT’s latest video for Black Op’s 4 Zombieeeeee’s!

Let’s Welcome Our New Affiliates…Bastion

We did something different this time…we Let our man Michael Van Buuren tell us what Bastion is about and it’s future vision for the metal scene.

‘Bastion is a one man outfit from East London, South Africa, fronted by
Michael “Bastion” van Buuren.
With roots in the South African Nu-Metal band Neocon (Circa 2007) with brother and then band mate George “Draven” van Buuren (of Necropolis), Bastion opted to turn to the international metal community via online collaboration, in an attempt to revive the metal music scene in East London which had been laying dormant for more than a decade.
The vision of Bastion is to reach out to Metal lovers everywhere through meaningful music and lyrics, after all music in an international language which affects us at our very core.
With assistance from Chris Gedge of Mocha Metal, Gary Groves of Metal Maelstrom Coalition, George “Draven” of Necropolis and Shawn Snyman of The Metalhead Pub, Bastion is one step closer in realizing a decade old mission of bringing Metal back to masses.’
“Keep The Metal Machine Rolling ” ~ Michael Van Buuren

Check out Bastion’s latest cover release of The Smiths ‘How Soon Is Now?’ ft. Mocha-Metal Merch’s guitar work oooosh \m/

Bastion welcome to the Mocha-Metal Family

Come Join The LOUD \m/

Let’s Welcome our new Affiliate:
To our new category
β€˜Studio Engineers’

We, at Mocha-Metal Merch had a ‘light bulb moment’ and thought we have musicians, instrument pioneers and solo musicians BUT what about the guys working in the studios! This led us to thinking ‘why don’t we get some Studio Engineers?’ into the mix (pun intended).
Without rambling on, let us welcome Michael Jensen DesprΓ©s, Studio Engineer of ‘MadeByMJD’.
Michael has had many years experience of working with different musicians and bands, all with different tastes in genres. Michael’s philosophy is that a composition, regardless of genre is a piece of art, as stated on his website ‘Music is an expressive, emotional art form that can portray so many things to so many different people…’ Michael’s mission as a studio engineer is to help capture the artists feelings within his work and has a wonderful reputation for doing so.
So let us welcome our first Studio Engineer to Mocha-Metal Merch!
Don’t forget to go and share the love on social media for our affiliates…Facebook, Instagram , Twitter, YouTube Etc.

Come join the LOUD! \m/

We welcome our new affiliates: Ward XVI
On Day Release from the Asylum and here with us at Mocha-Metal

Well look what we have here! …
Psychoberrie and her group of misfits, fresh from Ward XVI! Have decided they want some of the brutal caffeine force, that only Kaffeine Karl and Brew Bag Brewce can provide … after all they are gods of hot beverages!
Let loose in 2013 from Whittingham Asylum, Ward XVI have gone on to create a unique live experience based on the naughty acts that Psychoberrie has committed.
2017 saw Ward XVI play the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival after progressing through Metal 2 the Masses. They have also played a full UK tour including events such as Amplified, Hammerfest, HRH Metal, Breaking Bands and in 2018 Ward XVI had the fortune to tour with Red Rum & Doyle (Ex- Guitarist of Misfits).
We can expect a new album some time this year and some more antics from Psychoberrie and her crew of Ward XVI.
As always go share the love! Here is the Ward XVI Spotify for you guys to have a listen and here’s a YouTube vid for ‘Hold Me‘ as well!

Welcome to the caffeine insanity WARD XVI \m/

Come join the LOUD!

We Welcome our new affiliate: Jim Davies
To the Mocha-Metal Merch Family

We at Mocha-Metal Merch are happy to announce that Jim Davies has joined the ranks of our crazy family of caffeine addicts and has taken a fondness to our coffee products.
We have worked with Jim for some years and glad to have him on board with us and our ever growing roster of Bands, Musicians, YouTuber’s and Instrument Pioneers.
Jim has released his latest song ‘Ticking Timebomb‘ from his forthcoming album ‘Headwars’ due on April 10th 2020.
‘Ticking Timebomb’ can be heard on all media streaming platforms and the official video is available to stream on YouTube.
Please, with all of our affiliates go and give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Spotify (or whatever streaming service you use!)

Welcome Jim Davies

Come join the LOUD!

Want gaming???
We welcome our new affiliate and all out Minion Michiato!

Michael JH Hayes (AKA Michato), has secretly been an affiliate of Mocha-Metal Merch for some time, advertising our brand in his guitar videos on Instagram.
An adamant guitarist, Michael has decided to turn to his other passion and that is his love for gaming.
We take great pleasure in officially welcoming Michato to our Mocha-Metal loving family.
Here is the link to Michato’s Bioshock Gameplay part 1 YouTube video, prepare to delve into the underwater world of Rapture …
Bring fresh underwear! \m/

We welcome our new affiliates to the Mocha-Metal family…Necropolis \m/

Necropolis was formed in 2015 by ex Neocon Guitarist, George (Draven) Van Buuren. Necropolis currently holds true to the ways of old school death metal, which can be heard in tracks like Laid to Rest, Lost Prayer & Blackened. One can also hear the haunting chill of drones used within the tracks, adding to the atmosphere and dynamics of the songs.
We are glad to have Necropolis on board with us here at
Mocha-Metal Merch!
Don’t forget to go check them out and give them some love \m/

George is also currently working alongside Gary Groves (Bass) in the new project ‘Metal Maelstrom Coalition’, the latest single ‘Leads Me Back To You‘ (Darkness Eternal records), also features Helen Johnson, Vocalist for Powderhead.

Welcome Necropolis

Come Join The LOUD!

New Product Brewbag Brewce’s
Tea O’ Doom

Our first official blend of English ‘Loose Leaf’ Breakfast tea is coming and Brewbag Brewce cannot contain his excitement.
We are taking pre-orders with payment up front and sending them first to the customers that cannot wait to try our first blend of tea!
Item is expected to ship mid-February


Mocha-Metal Merch welcomes the god of TEA ‘Brewbag Brewce’

Thanks to the work of Gaz Jackson from Sinister Arts, who took another one of my terrible drawings and shaped it into reality.
We welcome Brewbag Brewce, the ‘Rambo’ like god of Tea, the warrior of the strong brew.
Kaffeine Karl and Brewce had a chat and they decided to work together, as apparently there are people that don’t like coffee….can you believe it! Blasphemy…
We will have our first Tea product in our stores over the coming weeks thanks to the awesome peeps at Mr Beans Coffee UK, all I can say is it will be a fine English Breakfast ‘Loose Leaf’ Tea.
More to news to come!

All Hail BrewBag Brewce \m/

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