About Mocha-Metal Merch

Mocha- Metal Merch was an idea that was created by Chris Gedge after hash tagging guitar videos on Instagram. ‘Coffee Made Me Do This’ was born from the aftermath of too much coffee and too much shred guitar. The idea that the consumption of coffee could overtake the mind of the individual and almost take over their consciousness sounded amusing. With this, the idea of a god-like coffee entity named ‘Kaffeine Karl’ (named by the Nephew Liam) was drawn up and with the help of Gaz Jackson from ‘Sinister Arts’, Chris’s naff drawings were made a reality.
No caffeine addict could approach a merch store without any coffee on the agenda!
With this in mind, Chris approached Richard Johnson from ‘Mr Beans Coffee U.K’ based in Ipswich and pitched the most ridiculous pitch in the history of pitches. The conclusion was a strong, supercharged coffee that could make anyone from music to gaming to whatever , unlock the extra 90% of their brain (Disclaimer! this is exaggeration and scientific tests prove there is no extra 90%, we all just need coffee!). Using the finest Ugandan and Brazilian Beans made by Zeus himself ‘Coffee Fuelled Riffage’ was created. Mocha-Metal Merch has now expanded to include our very own blend of Tea…notoriously named Tea O’ Doom featuring our latest crazy mascot Brewbag Brewce. A deity of Tea and a fond lover of Wartime films and a huge fan of Rambo…Rambo is his favourite!

What is our Mission

First Protocol: To find and protect John Con…Uhhh £*$£!!

Tired of the same typical coffee vibe in coffee shops, the same style light wood interior and the modal café Jazz on repeat, the same stereotypical person reading a newspaper or the student on a laptop? (of course this isn’t a bad thing!)
ORRRR! are you a lover of loud heavy Rock & Metal music soooo dark it courses through your veins? A gamer that needs the brutal charge of caffeine in your system to keep winning the fight??
Our mission is to be the anti- cliché coffee, the dark arts of awesomeness, TO brew the strongest coffee & Tea and to create the most awesome attire and more importantly set Kaffeine Karl & Brewbag Brewce free into the world!
To become a community of awesome people and a hub for those who crave caffeine whether you are into music, gaming, photography, YouTube, Twitch, ETC!

Come join the LOUD!!

Special Mentions

Artwork by Gaz Jackson @ Sinister Arts
Coffee roasted & Packed by Mr Beans Coffee U.K
Merchandise advice and years of endorsement from Dirtbag John @ Dirtbag Clothing
Business wisdom from Doug Lawrence @ Cattle Shed Ironwork

And lastly the loving support from friends and family (they are even lending me storage space for all the merch!)

But most importantly thanks to all the customers of Mocha-Metal Merch for keeping ‘Kaffeine Karl’ & ‘Brewbag Brewce’ in a job!