Brewbag Brewce’s Tea O’ Doom (Loose Leaf English Breakfast Blend)

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Tea O’ Doom is our official flagship tea made for those,that perhaps do not like the taste of coffee… the one Kaffeine Karl calls ‘Blasphemers’

This beautiful English breakfast ‘loose leaf‘ tea blend is guaranteed to help you start your day or perhaps as an accompaniment when reading the complete works of H.P Lovecraft.

Brewbag Brewce is the deity for all things tea… and he is the cousin to Kaffeine Karl, so it’s only fair we give him his own blend \m/

The bags are made with the finest quality Kraft paper with a laminated interior to increase shelf life, a one way degassing valve to remove build up gases and moisture and also feature a re-sealable zipper.

Sorted & packed by Mr Beans Coffee UK and specially made for Mocha-Metal Merch & Brewbag Brewce

Come join the LOUD!


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Dimensions 16 × 23 cm

1 review for Brewbag Brewce’s Tea O’ Doom (Loose Leaf English Breakfast Blend)

  1. Sam

    A quality breakfast blend tea that is perfect for fuelling some insane shredding or just about anything else!

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