Kaffeine Karl’s Darkness Blend




Prepare for the Darkness! …

In ancient books found all over the world, tales spoke of a deity…but no ordinary god-like figure…this unusual creature with an odd shape, cranky temper and ever glowing eyes….dwelled in the land of caffeine…the moans and screams of anguish could be heard through the lands.

It turns out though that this screaming, whimpering deity was Karl…a God, shaped like a cup…in desperate need for a strong mug of coffee…conjured from the Darkness (No, not the band) the strongest & the most unholy of beans through his crystal ball!

We let Karl present our latest offering…the Darkness Blend made from a combination of Robusta & Peruvian Beans! This is STRONG & very Tasty!

The bags are made with the finest quality Kraft paper with a laminated interior to increase shelf life, a one way degassing valve to remove build up gases and moisture and also feature a re-sealable zipper.

Roasted and packed by Mr Beans Coffee UK and specially made for Mocha-Metal Merch & Kaffeine Karl Come join the LOUD!



Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 16 × 23 cm

Beans (Whole), Espresso (Italian Cafetiere), Grounded (Cafetiere)


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