Mocha-Metal Iron Age Guitar Pick


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Check it out! We have teamed up with our good friends in Texas (US)…Iron Age Guitar Accessories to bring you our very own line of handcrafted Plectrums!

Since first starting in 2015, Iron Age Guitar Accessories has built up success through their carefully detailed Handcrafted plectrums, Killswitches & tone pots. With artists such as Charles Caswell (Berried Alive) & Lucas Mann (Rings Of Saturn) each having either their own signature plectrums and Killswitches. We are honoured to be able to work alongside them to bring you some of the greatest plectrums we have tried!

Each Plectrum is 2.5mm thickness and made from Red Acrylic with with our own Mocha-Metal Logo debossed (yes, we made sure to choose the right word) on them.

These plectrums are built to last even the fierciest of players and play with attitude and precision!

Whether it’s for playing or collecting, we welcome you to try our new range of plectrums and may it help create some awesome riffs and solos for days to come! \m/

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Dimensions 3.1 × 2.6 × 0.25 cm


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